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Attempt To Upgrade The Cktech Tablet, Warranty void!


How To Upgrade Firmware On Your Tablet PC WM8880


The one way use the Micro SD Card to upgrade.

1. Download the firmware file 


2. Unzip the ROM and Tools RAR file to a folder.


3. Insert an empty  Micro SD card(2GB).to the card reader and then connect the computer.


4. Copy the FirmwareInstall to the micro sd 


5. Turn off your device(tablet) and then insert the SD or Micro SD card into it.


6. The upgrade process will get started automatically when you turn on your device.


7. Upgrade finished! - Display 100%


8. Remove the SD or Micro SD card from your device.


9. Turn on your device.


A power failure during the firmware writing operation may disable the tablet PC.

* Use a fully charged Battery or dedicated AC Adapter for the firmware update.

* Do not shut off the power during the firmware writing operation.


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